About Us

Dr. Rodney Raanan and Dr. Justin Raanan established the Giving a Smile Foundation to help the children in our community and globally maintain excellent oral health. With the proper education and top-notch dental care, the underprivileged youth of Los Angeles now have the tools they need to achieve a lifetime of healthy, beautiful teeth. This has wide-reaching effects that improve a child’s life on almost every level.

Dr. Rodney and Dr. Justin have long been concerned with the lack of proper oral health care in our communities. Whether it’s edifying dental students with revolutionary techniques, publishing internationally-recognized research, or simply teaching kids about proper brushing and flossing, sharing their extensive knowledge is a top priority. It’s a humble effort to leave the world a better place the best way they know how: education.

The Giving a Smile Foundation

The Giving a Smile Foundation began as the altruistic vision of two brothers during their time at the prestigious Harvard School of Dental Medicine. While they were both still residents, they dreamed of one day being able to provide the same level of education to those who need it most. This dream is now a reality. Above all else, the Giving a Smile Foundation is a family operation with family values. As such, we view each child in our community and our program as an extended member of our family. This familial approach is the driving force behind our foundation, one that is revolutionizing the process of dental education and transforming underprivileged areas in Los Angeles.

We are also honored to be the first health organization to partner with Communities in Schools Los Angeles, whose mission “is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve at life.” With their help, we ensure students avoid oral health problems, allowing them to focus on school and build a better life. Their well-established rapport with parents and schools enables us to intimately engage each family with the appropriate care, one smile at a time.

In the near future, we plan to partner with additional organizations to extend and improve the reach of our services. We are also thrilled to include woman’s program, particularly those who have been exposed to domestic violence. We measure our success by the level of our engagement in the community. We want to create a future filled with brighter, healthier smiles for everybody!