Our Mission

Mission Statement - The Giving a Smile Foundation is a nonprofit organization revolutionizing education and dental care for underprivileged children in the greater Los Angeles area and Globally. The positive effects of proper oral health ripple through almost every aspect of a child’s life, including adulthood. When we endorse a child, we establish a strong foundation of oral health that directly and indirectly influences the community, our community, for years to come. The Giving a Smile Foundation ensures these children, and in turn, our community, have access to the same information and treatments as everyone else.

Why Our Mission Is Important

According to the Public Policy Institute of California, 28.3 percent of children in Los Angeles are living below the poverty line. These children have limited exposure to proper nutrition and proper dental care, putting them at a greater risk for oral health problems. A staggering number of students in these areas regularly miss school days and have trouble concentrating due to the distracting and often painful symptoms of inadequate oral hygiene. Even worse, they are at a greater risk for systemic illnesses that affect their overall health.

It all begins with education. Our foundation advocates a concept we refer to as “owning your smile.” This revolutionary concept stresses the undeniable relationship between a healthy smile, a healthy body, and a healthy mind. Teaching young children to own their smile with the proper educational programs can prevent dental problems before they occur, ultimately improving their quality of life.

Current and Future Partners

Our partnership with Communities in Schools Los Angeles allows us to engage with schools, parents, and children most in need of our services. We invite you to join our cause as well. We are continuously seeking new partnerships, whether they be with private companies, universities, or simply a good Samaritan. Together, we can make a lasting impact that empowers our children to build a better future, a brighter world filled with brighter smiles.