Our Work

Why is education so important? Misinformation or minimal education may result in dental problems that are easy to avoid. Studies have shown that children with poor oral health are less likely to succeed in school for myriad reasons. A beautiful, healthy smile can improve a child’s self-esteem, allow them to focus on schoolwork, and enhance their overall quality of life. Our education programs are designed to help underprivileged children adopt a healthy oral hygiene lifestyle for life to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and other common oral health problems.

It’s a concept we refer to as “owning your smile.” This simple yet revolutionary educational concept stresses the connection between healthy teeth and a healthy body. Teaching a child to “own their smile” creates strong oral hygiene habits, establishes accountability, and empowers them to take control over the future of their oral, mental, and bodily health.

Complimentary Treatment

On top of extensive education programs, the Giving a Smile Foundation provides complementary treatment to children between the ages of ten and 18. From regular cleanings to restorative treatment, professional dental care is a crucial aspect of maintaining proper oral hygiene. Preventing or treating dental problems can help a child optimize their oral health and reach their full potential in all areas of life. 

When we sponsor a child, we are investing in a brighter future for the individual and the community as a whole. We believe our work can have a direct and indirect impact in our communities in the greater Los Angeles area and globally. With your help, whether through fundraising, donations, or volunteering opportunities, we can elevate our community to much greater heights, one smile at a time.